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Lent 2009

Posted by Martin Orr on Sunday, 15 March 2009 at 22:28

Another term has just finished. This term I studied:

  • Elliptic Curves (quite easy; major objects of study in algebraic number theory)
  • Modular Forms (a bit harder; more central objects in algebraic number theory)
  • Curves and Abelian Varieties (quite hard - only a handful of people did it; this is really algebraic geometry, but very relevant to number theory)
  • Complex Manifolds (differential geometry, so not my main line but handy background; I didn't try to follow this one in detail)

I have also done some work on an essay (worth the same credit as a lecture course) on Complex Multiplication (which is about a special type of elliptic curves). I gave a seminar on this last Friday but beyond the content of that I don't know much about it yet - I shall have to work on it over the holiday.

Other big news is that I have a place at the Université Paris Sud in Orsay for the second year of a French masters next year (because getting funding to go straight to a PhD in Paris would be a problem), and this week I heard I have got the Rouse Ball Travelling Studentship in Mathematics from Trinity to pay for it.

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