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End of Michaelmas term

Posted by Martin Orr on Monday, 05 December 2005 at 09:20

This week was the last week of term and I returned to Belfast on Saturday. There was an exciting climax to my round of lectures. I did Law on Monday; on Tuesday I had arranged to go to Chinese History (for Oriental Studies) at 11. I had found the second year Trinity art historian, who told me who the first year was but I still hadn't found her; according to my reading of the lecture list, the only remaining Art History lecture was at 10 on Tuesday. So I had to borrow a bike in order to get between the History of Art and Oriental Studies departments.

However when I arrived at the Department of History of Art at 10 am, there was clearly no lecture. I assumed that the art historians had decided to take the last week off and that I would be unable to complete the subjects this term. However I found Sophie, the art historian, in the afternoon and she told me that there was a lecture on Wednesday morning. It turns out I had misread the lecture list, although I'm still not clear how it maps onto reality. Anyway that done, there was little to do in the last couple of days and it was odd to be hanging around Cambridge with no work needing to be done.

-- Martin

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