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New term

Posted by Martin Orr on Monday, 24 April 2006 at 17:02

Last term I got out of the habit of posting; sorry about that. You will consequently have missed that I have become Membership Secretary for the Trinity College Music Society and Bookshop Manager for the Archimedeans (University maths society). The first is not a terribly difficult task, which means maintaining the members database and making membership cards for new members, and also stewarding at a few concerts per term. We had a committee meeting this afternoon, held on the Fellows' Bowling Green thanks to the sunny weather (although it is not yet very warm).

A major event this term will be exams. I have four exams at the start of June. We are expected to work pretty hard before that, doing a year's worth of past papers each week, with two supervisions a week to go through them. There are also four weeks of lectures, but these are not examined until next year and you can choose not to go to some of them until next year. In any case, we will get no supervisions on them this term.

-- Martin

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