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Posted by Martin Orr on Tuesday, 23 January 2007 at 19:44

I lost my phone on Friday. I have done my best to find it but not succeeded, so I will now buy a new one. I have no interest in having fancy features in my phone: my main consideration is price (basically the cheapest I can find, certainly less than £40 including £10 credit), and having decent ergonomics. If anyone knows anything about this end of the market, your comments will be very welcome. Do you think looking on Ebay is a good idea?

Looking at networks (note: I use my phone very little, so definitely pay as you go and we may assume I will not be taking advantage of any offers which depend on using a certain amount), it seems that 10p/text is standard everywhere except O2, where it is 12p. Calls are generally 30p or 35p a minute, except for T-mobile, where it is 12p a minute: does anyone have any idea why that is, or have I misread something? Given how often I use my phone, the difference between 12p and 35p is worth at most £3-£4 per year to me, and I imagine that after a year they will have changed their rates anyway.

-- Martin

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