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Hodge classes on abelian varieties

Posted by Martin Orr on Monday, 25 August 2014 at 18:50

In this post I will define Hodge classes and state the Hodge conjecture. I will restrict my attention to the case of abelian varieties and say the minimum amount necessary to be able to discuss the relationships between the Hodge, Tate and Mumford-Tate conjectures and absolute Hodge classes in subsequent posts. There are many excellent accounts of this material already written, which may give greater detail and generality.

Hodge classes are cohomology classes on a complex variety A which are in the intersection of the singular cohomology H^n(A, \mathbb{Q}) and the middle component H^{n/2,n/2}(A) of the Hodge decomposition  H^n(A, \mathbb{Q}) \otimes_\mathbb{Q} \mathbb{C} = \bigoplus_{\substack{p,q\geq 0 \\ p+q=n}} H^{p,q}(A). They can also be defined as rational cohomology classes which are eigenvectors for the Mumford-Tate group. The Hodge conjecture predicts that these classes are precisely the \mathbb{Q}-span of cohomology classes coming from algebraic subvarieties of A.

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