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IOI Return

Posted by Martin Orr on Sunday, 28 August 2005 at 13:46

In the end I won the top silver medal at the IOI. There was a gap of 14 points above me, so this was definitely the right place to put the boundary. This year, they also had presents for the medallists: silver medallists were all given a digital camera. A few photos from this camera from the IOI can be found at

I returned from the IOI late on Thursday night. The week I was away was almost certainly the week during which I received the greatest volume of post of my life: exam results, a letter from school about re-marks, a letter of congratulation from the headmaster, confirmation of my student loan entitlement, and a large envelope from Trinity (plus the Cambridge Union sent their promotional booklet separately, postmarked a day earlier). The stuff from Trinity weighed in at over 500g and I spent most of Friday reading it.

-- Martin

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Second IOI contest

Posted by Martin Orr on Monday, 22 August 2005 at 15:10

This morning was the second contest in the IOI. I solved all three problems, just about in the time. However it turned out that I did not have the fastest solution for one of them so my final score was 274 making a total of 483. The scores were available even faster this morning - 45 minutes after the competition ended. Cian scored 122 today so may well get a medal; Stephen scored 29 and Alex 0 (he had a very small bug without which he would have got 100).

Many other people seem to have done well (over 400) which would make the gold cutoff high. However I am not sure how much my observations are skewed by the fact that I tend to know people who have been to several olympiads before. Mark Thompson from Great Britain scored about 470.

-- Martin

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IOI first contest

Posted by Martin Orr on Saturday, 20 August 2005 at 14:17

The first IOI competition was this morning. These competitions are five hours at a computer, during which you have to write programs to solve three mathematical problems. Because they are all marked automatically, the results are available very fast. For those who were confused by the IMO scoring, this is even simpler: 100 points for each problem. I scored full marks on 2 problems and 9 on the third. The rest of the Irish team: Cian 100, Alex 21, Stephen 15. Mark Thompson from the UK got 250.

-- Martin

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Departure for IOI

Posted by Martin Orr on Tuesday, 16 August 2005 at 10:12

It's a long time since I've posted here - I suppose it's a habit you need to keep up. Anyway I don't think I have had much to post about. I have spent a lot of my time preparing for the IOI. We do a lot of training for the Maths Olympiad which I think is very beneficial and I have never done much informatics training, so I decided I would work hard on that for a few weeks. I am just about to leave to go to Dublin for a few days, before heading to Poland for the Olympiad on Thursday.

-- Martin

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Return from IMO

Posted by Martin Orr on Wednesday, 20 July 2005 at 19:46

I have finally returned from the IMO, not having gone to bed since Saturday night. On Sunday night we had to sleep on the floor in the hotel dining room due to the hurricane. In the event however the hurricane both weakened and turned slightly away from us so it did no damage in Mérida.

On Monday we had the closing ceremony, at which the medals are presented. The final cut-offs were 35 for gold, 23 for silver and 12 for bronze so I got my gold! Between the party after the closing ceremony and leaving at 4.30 on Tuesday morning, there was no point sleeping. Since then I have been travelling home.

-- Martin

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