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Kummer theory seminar

Posted by Martin Orr on Sunday, 07 December 2008 at 20:07

Term has just finished and it's been hard work so I have had no time to post all the way through. At the end of term, I gave a talk on Kummer theory (a bit of Galois theory - you can read the abstract) as part of the Part III seminar series. My talk was fairly easy, intended to fill in some stuff that was assumed in the Part III Local Fields lectures but not included in Part II Galois Theory. None of the number theory talks provoked many questions afterwards.

Out of the seminars I attended (although these were only on one day out of 2.5) the number theory seminars had the largest audience, twenty-something; this included a significant proportion of PhD students and academic staff, while the others (category theory and differential geometry) were mostly attended by Part III students.

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Michaelmas 2008

Posted by Martin Orr on Thursday, 16 October 2008 at 22:11

We've had almost a week of lectures now. I have fairly definitely committed to Algebraic Number Theory. It's getting a bit hard to describe the courses I'm doing now, so here's just a list with a few comments:

  • Local Fields (central to number theory)
  • Arithmetic of Abelian Varieties (algebraic number theory; this is a graduate course, so goes pretty fast)
  • Algebraic Geometry (these ideas underlie a lot of algebraic number theory)
  • Commutative Algebra (the algebraic techniques needed for all the above)
  • Differential Geometry
  • Finite-dimensional Lie Algebras and their Representations

The last two are less directly important for number theory, and are just for fun. Six courses is too much work, so I need to drop one of those two, but I don't know which. These courses are all significantly harder than last year.

The Cambridge Lindy Exchange starts tomorrow evening, so I'll be pretty busy with that all weekend. I'm also trying to get together some organised accounts for the Lindy Hoppers.

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Posted by Martin Orr on Thursday, 19 June 2008 at 14:56

I am now officially a Wrangler (someone who gets a first in Part II of the Cambridge Maths Tripos). The results were announced this morning in the University Senate House - the chairman of the examiners stands in the balcony and reads out the lists of people awarded each class (another peculiarity of Maths Parts II and III; usually the list is just posted on a notice board outside the Senate House).

I will not however be graduating this year because I will be doing Part III Maths next year. This is not a proper postgraduate course - you don't get a degree at the end of it - and not eligible for postgraduate funding; until recently there has been an exception allowing you to continue to get undergraduate funding despite already having a degree. The government have noticed this year that this is no longer allowed, so now we have to not graduate until next year in order to continue to get funding.

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