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2005 Week 26

Posted by Martin Orr on Friday, 01 July 2005 at 21:09

Yes, I know the week isn't over and it's two days since I last posted but I shall post again for the last time before I go away, to Texas until 11th for training and then to Merida, Mexico for the IMO itself, during which time I shall adopt a different posting strategy (any time I get a computer, probably every 3 days or so).

About the question of post length, I have to say posts look far longer on the blog than when I am writing them - the text box I enter them in is much wider (perhaps this is to do with me using a wide screen laptop to post from). Does anyone know: 1. Is it a bug in the Blogger software that when I choose to display N days, it still displays N posts? 2. Surely there is a quicker way of making a new post than the four clicks I have to go through ATM from my front page? 3. Is there a Blogger bug-reporting page?

Anyway, I have managed to do a couple of things in that short space of time. Primarily the Leavers' Service yesterday, followed by barbecue. Especially pleasing for me was getting the printed Yearbook, given all the work I put into producing it. I also was awarded the Lord Grey Award for Excellence, "the highest accolade we can give in the College" (Dr Mulryne, 2003 Prize Day Address). There was a severe shortage of coffee shop space on Botanic Avenue following this service. The idea that I might well never see many of these people again is a hard one to get round (I will be heading for Poland on results day).

-- Martin

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