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Training continues

Posted by Martin Orr on Saturday, 09 July 2005 at 20:21

In the last three days we have done a further two exams. On Thursday I scored 21 and this morning I got two questions.

Besides this, we went to a baseball game. This is a game in which it is almost impossible to score: the game lasts for nine innings (both teams batting in each inning) and the score was 7-5 which is about average or slightly higher. Basically it is pretty hard to hit the ball (or at least they only go for it rarely), and when you do hit it it is almost always caught. There were really only two innings which were exciting, in which most of the runs were scored.

Yesterday our leader Geoff went to Mexico. The leaders go to the IMO early and select the problems. After they have seen the problems, they are of course no longer allowed to talk to us. Tom Barnett-Lamb came to assist Adrian (our Deputy Leader) in training us.

-- Martin

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