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2005 weeks 24 and 25

Posted by Martin Orr on Wednesday, 29 June 2005 at 16:36

I never got around to posting anything last week, so I shall have to do two weeks at once. And despite that I still don't have that much to say. Clare tells me I write far too much anyway so perhaps this will help.

In the last two weeks, I have done exams in Russian, Computing, French and Chemistry. Nothing particularly difficult in any of them except one question in the Chemistry paper. Plus I had my last prefect duty which was probably one of my least enjoyable.

When I haven't been revising for all those exams, I have spent most of my time on my computer. I have now got a wireless router, so I can use the Internet from my bedroom on my laptop (as I am doing now), and stop getting in the way of the rest of the family by using the computer downstairs.

I have got my DNS and email (for the domain) moved off the school servers, since for one thing I will be leaving the school and for another our Internet connection will be going, replaced with one via C2K. If you are interested, my DNS is hosted at (for free) and my email at Tuffmail (who seem to offer a very good service for my requirements). I have also been trying Thunderbird as my MUA (having previously always used text-mode MUAs). I'm not sure that has the mailing list support I require so I may soon be moving back to mutt.

-- Martin

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